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In the globalized world, cross-border Transactions have increased radically. Expanding overseas can be a quick way to access new markets, leverage your competencies in new ways, or leverage your partnerships. However, navigating the interplay of laws between different regions can be a complicated process due to each region’s idiosyncratic regulations and restrictions – which can result in losing time, money, or opportunities while taking on onerous liabilities and unnecessary risks. Legal Owls can help you focus on your business by taking this work off your table. Our team of qualified, licensed and competent US counsel can handle all your IP needs – whether your transactions are singular or repeated, low value or high.

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Partnerships : Establishing partnerships across borders requires a deep understanding of international and U.S. laws. Our team ensures your partnership complies with all applicable regulations while strategically supporting your business goals.

Corporations : We assist in forming corporations within the U.S., handling everything from registration to ensuring compliance with both U.S. and international business laws to create a robust foundation for your global operations.

Limited Liability Structures : We help structure your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or other limited liability entities, providing advice on the best practices to protect your assets while optimizing operational flexibility in the U.S.

Incorporation Counseling : Our expert guidance helps you navigate the incorporation process in the U.S., ensuring your business aligns with both domestic and international regulatory requirements.

Corporate Restructuring : Tailor your corporate structure to meet the demands of a dynamic global market, with our services designed to improve efficiency and manage legal and tax considerations in the U.S.

Entity Formation

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Entity Compliance : Maintain compliance with U.S. corporate law and international regulations with our comprehensive services, including ongoing regulatory filings and legal audits.

Employment Compliances : Manage your U.S. and international workforce in accordance with relevant labor laws, from employment contracts to compliance with workplace regulations.

Import/Export Compliances : Our experts help navigate the complexities of U.S. and international import/export regulations to facilitate smooth and compliant trade operations.

Restructuring Compliances : Ensure compliance during corporate transitions, addressing all necessary legal requirements for restructuring within and outside the U.S.


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Employment Contracts : Draft and review employment contracts that meet legal standards in the U.S. and abroad, ensuring clear employment terms and effective dispute resolution mechanisms.


Vendor & Contractor Contracts : Secure robust contracts with vendors and contractors, ensuring clear terms and compliance with both U.S. and international laws to safeguard your business interests.


Investment Agreements : Facilitate secure investments with comprehensive agreements that comply with U.S. and international laws, protecting your interests and ensuring legal integrity.


C-Suite Agreement : Develop executive contracts that adhere to U.S. corporate governance standards and international best practices, supporting effective management and compliance.


Founder Agreements : Create clear and enforceable founder agreements to prevent future disputes and ensure smooth governance, suitable for the U.S. and international markets.


Contract Management : Manage your contracts effectively - ensuring all are up-to-date and compliant with changing U.S. and international laws and reducing risk and enhancing business operations.


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Intellectual Property Protection : Protect your innovations with IP strategies that ensure registration and enforcement in the U.S. and internationally, securing your competitive edge.


IP Licensing & Transfer Agreements : Expertly manage the licensing and transfer of IP rights, ensuring all agreements are compliant with U.S. and international standards and support your business strategy.


IP Audits & Analysis : Conduct detailed IP audits to evaluate the effectiveness of your IP management and identify potential improvements or risks in U.S. and international markets.


IP Counseling : Receive strategic advice on managing and protecting your intellectual property effectively across multiple jurisdictions, ensuring compliance and maximizing value.

Intellectual Property

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Agreements : Draft and negotiate agreements for joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions, focusing on compliance with U.S. and international laws and protecting your business interests.


Due Diligence : Perform comprehensive due diligence for potential partnerships or acquisitions, identifying legal, financial, and operational risks across borders.


Corporate Restructuring : Adapt your corporate structure for better efficiency and legal compliance in both U.S. and international markets.


NDA & Trade Secret Protections : Implement robust non-disclosure agreements and protect trade secrets effectively under U.S. and international legal frameworks.


Joint Ventures : Set up and manage joint ventures, navigating the regulatory and cultural landscapes of U.S. and foreign markets to achieve your business objectives.

J-V/M&A/ Subsidiary

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Legal Counseling : Ongoing legal advice tailored to cross-border activities, ensuring your operations remain compliant with U.S. and international law.


Restructuring Counseling : Strategic advice on restructuring in the U.S. and abroad to meet market demands and regulatory changes.


Incorporation Counseling : Expert guidance on incorporating in the U.S. and setting up subsidiaries abroad, ensuring compliance and strategic alignment.


IP Counseling : Strategic IP management and protection advice, maximizing the value and compliance of your intellectual property in the U.S. and globally.

Research & Analysis

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