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Intellectual Property is the lifeblood of any business – but protecting it and enforcing your rights can be a confusing and dangerous process. Legal Owls takes the guess-work out of your intellectual property concerns. Our team of qualified, licensed and competent US counsel can handle all your IP needs – from traditional intellectual property like copyrights, patents and trademarks to more specialized protections like trade secrets, designs and geographical indications.

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Trademark Search : Leverage our comprehensive trademark search services to determine if your brand, slogan, or logo has already been registered or used widely. We utilize advanced search tools for national and international trademark databases, ensuring thorough research and minimizing potential legal conflicts.


Trademark Application : Our experienced trademark attorneys guide you through the application process, handling all necessary documentation and communication with the trademark office. This service is essential to secure your unique business identity in a competitive market.


Trade Dress Protection : Protect the distinctive visual appearance of your products that signify the source of the product to consumers. Our legal expertise extends to ensuring your product's aesthetic, packaging and overall presentation are safeguarded under trade dress law.


Track Trademark/Service Mark Renewal Requirements : Stay compliant with all renewal deadlines and requirements to maintain your trademark registrations. Our tracking services ensure that your trademarks remain protected without interruption.


Trademark Agreements : We draft and negotiate agreements related to the use, assignment, and licensing of trademarks. From use and contestability affidavits to comprehensive IP security agreements, our team ensures your rights are clearly defined and legally enforceable.


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DMCA Agent Registration : Register your designated agent with the Library of Congress to handle DMCA takedown notices, a crucial step in protecting your online content from unauthorized use.


Copyright Applications : Secure copyright registration for your creative works, from literature to software. Our streamlined application process helps protect your intellectual creations from infringement.


Supplemental Copyright Registrations : For existing copyrights that require modification or additional protections, our supplemental registration services offer an efficient solution to enhance your legal safeguards.


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Development Contracts : We draft contracts for software developers, writers, and other creatives, ensuring that intellectual property rights are clearly established and protected throughout the development process.


IP Licensing & Transfer Agreements : Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating and drafting licensing agreements that allow others to use your IP in a way that benefits you financially while protecting your rights.


Copyright Assignments : Transfer copyright ownership securely and clearly with our expertly prepared copyright assignment agreements, essential for transactions involving creative works.


Content Distribution Agreements : Maximize your content's reach while safeguarding your rights with our content distribution agreements, tailored to the unique needs of digital and traditional media.


Notice of Copyright Infringement : Effectively respond to infringement with legally solid notices drafted by our team, ensuring swift action to protect your intellectual property.


DMCA Takedown Notices : We provide quick and reliable preparation and submission of DMCA takedown notices to address unauthorized online content effectively and protect your content.

Copyright Agreements

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Prepare Tracking Charts : Keep your intellectual property organized and monitored with our custom tracking charts, which provide a clear overview of your IP status, deadlines, and renewal schedules.


IP Auditing & Management : Ensure the optimal management of your IP assets with our auditing services, identifying risks, opportunities, and strategies for enhanced IP utilization and protection.


IP Data Sheets & Summaries : Access detailed summaries and data sheets of your IP portfolio, providing essential information at a glance for strategic planning and decision-making.

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