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Immigration Law

Get Expert Guidance for your Immigration Needs

Let us help you simplify your immigration and visa process, maximizing your chances of success.

The practice of immigration law can be highly labor intensive - involving filling dozens of pages of administrative forms and assembling case records that can stretch to hundreds of pages of documentation.

To ensure that your time is spent growing your practice and exercising your expertise, Legal Owls will take on the high labor tasks - all supervised by qualified, licensed, and competent US counsel. Whether you’re looking for help with visa applications, green card processing, or legal responses, our team of experienced attorneys is here to guide you through every step.

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H1B Visa

Legal Owls can help you through the H1B visa process, efficiently handling pre-registration, petitions, compliances and applications to prepare clients for the visa cap season.


L1 Visa

Our firm assists with L1 visa applications, supporting intra-company transfers within multinational corporations, and demonstrating our comprehensive understanding of corporate immigration law.


L2 Visa

Dependents of L1 visa holders can rely on us for L2 visa guidance, benefiting from our detailed-oriented approach to ensure a seamless application process.


EB1 Visa

We handle EB1 visa applications for individuals with extraordinary abilities, helping you navigate the complexities of immigration law with our expert services.


EB2 Visa

Our expertise in EB2 visa applications supports professionals with exceptional abilities or advanced degrees.

Type of Visas

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Labor Condition Application

We ensure compliance with all employment and wage standards through our meticulous filing of labor condition applications, essential for the H1B visa process.


FEIN Registration

Obtain your FEIN registration smoothly with our assistance, crucial for businesses hiring foreign nationals.


H1B Preregistration

Navigate the H1B pre-registration process with ease. Our firm is equipped to guide you through every step, ensuring all requirements are met.


Application Drafting & Record Assembly

We offer comprehensive services in application drafting and record assembly, tailored to meet the stringent requirements of immigration authorities.


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RFE Responses

Effectively respond to USCIS Requests for Evidence (RFE) with our strategic guidance, enhancing the likelihood of a successful outcome for your visa application.


Document Production

Our document production services are designed to meet the detailed requirements for successful visa applications.


Amendments to Filings

Amend your immigration filings accurately with our professional assistance, ensuring that your applications remain up-to-date and compliant.


Affidavits of Support

Draft affidavits of support with our legal team, handling every document with the meticulous attention to detail required in immigration procedures.


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Appeals and Motions to Reconsider

Prepare appeals and motions to reconsider unfavorable immigration decisions with our specialized legal support.

Change of Status

Manage your change of status applications seamlessly with our expert guidance, ensuring compliance and continuity of your stay in the U.S.

Appeals, Motions and Visa Extensions

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Consular Services – Business Visas

Utilize our consular services for business visas, ensuring all requirements are meticulously handled by our experienced team.


Interview Preparation

Prepare for your visa interview with our firm, which offers personalized coaching and preparation services.


Immigration Counseling

Get expert immigration counseling from Legal Owls, providing tailored advice to navigate complex immigration pathways.


Appointment Scheduling

Our visa appointment scheduling services streamline your interaction with consular offices, reflecting our commitment to efficient and comprehensive client service.


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Prevailing Wage Determination

Ensure your employment offers are up to standard with our prevailing wage determination services, essential for compliance in the H1B and PERM application processes.


Petition Drafting

Rely on our expertise in petition drafting, where each document is crafted to meet the specific criteria required by U.S. immigration authorities.


Application Drafting

Our application drafting services are designed to enhance your application's chance of success.


Record Assembly

Trust in our meticulous record assembly services, ensuring that every part of your application is organized and presented perfectly.


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