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Entertainment, Fashion and Media Law

In the digital age, media has become a multifaceted tool for education, criticism, reporting, and expression. The fashion industry has similarly grown into one of the most influential and creative sectors in society. However, the legal landscape governing has transformed into a complex network of interdependent laws, treaties, and regulations – and navigating through them without the assistance of trained entertainment, media or fashion lawyers can be risky. Legal Owls takes the guesswork out of your media law needs. Our team of qualified, licensed and competent US counsel can handle all your entertainment, media and fashion law needs – whether you’re a lone creative or representing a large studio.

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  • Copyright Registration: Secure your original works to prevent unauthorized use.

  • Trademark Registration: Protect your brand identity and intellectual property.

  • Licensing & Sale Agreements: Navigate the complexities of IP commercialization.

  • Work For Hire Compliances: Ensure all creations under this scope are legally sound.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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  • Work For Hire & Collaboration Agreements: Tailor agreements that respect all party contributions.

  • Contracts for Audio-Visual Productions: Specific contracts catering to the film and television industry.

  • Contracts for Music Production: Protect your rights in the recording industry.

  • Contracts for Literary Works: Safeguard your written works from infringement.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements & Releases: Maintain confidentiality and secure your information.


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  • Employee vs. Contractor: Navigate the legal distinctions in employment for compliance.

  • Union Compliances: Align with union standards in the entertainment industry.

  • Contractor/Employee Compliances: Ensure legal obligations are met for all hires.

Compliance and Classification

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  • IP, Royalties & Contract Dispute Support: Address disputes over intellectual property and contract terms.

  • Piracy Takedown Notices: Combat unauthorized distribution of your creative works.

  • Anti-Piracy Actions & DMCA Compliance: Protect your content with proactive anti-piracy measures.

  • DMCA Takedown Notices, Disputes, and Appeals: Expert handling of all DMCA-related issues.

Dispute Support

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  • Compliance Checklists: Ensure all contracts meet current legal standards.

  • Timeline Management: Keep track of important legal deadlines and contract timelines.

  • Renewal/Termination Management: Manage the lifecycle of contracts efficiently.

  • Contract Auditing & Analysis: Evaluate contracts to optimize your legal strategies.

Contract Management

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