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Startup Law

Leading Startup Law Firm in the USA

Offering dedicated startup law services from Silicon Valley to NYC, tailored for every startup from technology to biotech.

Starting a new startup is an exciting journey filled with possibilities and opportunities. However, navigating the legal responsibilities and requirements can be daunting. Attempting this alone can lead to mistakes that might be catastrophic for your new venture. At Legal Owls, we ensure that your time is spent on growing your business and serving your customers, rather than getting bogged down by complex legal tasks. Our team consists of qualified, licensed, and competent US counsel committed to supporting startups.

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Selecting a Corporate Form

  • Choosing the right corporate form is crucial for your startup's legal foundation. Legal Owls helps you understand whether an LLC, corporation, or partnership is the best structure for you, considering your startup’s specific needs and goals

Startup Incorporation

  • Legal Owls provides comprehensive services from drafting articles of incorporation to ensuring all filings meet state requirements. Our startup incorporation services are designed to get your business up and running with solid legal backing.

Startup Registration as a Foreign Company

  • If your startup is expanding beyond its initial location, Legal Owls guides you through the process of registering as a foreign company, ensuring compliance with interstate business operations.

Startup Business Structuring

  • Our experts assist in strategically structuring your startup to optimize for tax benefits and ensure regulatory compliance, laying a solid foundation for your business's future.


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Startup Legal Compliances

  • Legal Owls ensures your startup adheres to all relevant laws and regulations, minimizing risks and protecting your business from potential legal issues.

Startup Vendor Contracts

  • We help you draft and negotiate vendor contracts that secure favorable terms and maintain strong professional relationships, which are essential for startup growth.

Startup Client Contracts

  • Legal Owls creates comprehensive client contracts that protect your interests and clarify terms of service, helping to prevent disputes and foster trust.

Startup Internal Policies

  • We develop robust internal policies that comply with employment laws and support efficient business operations.

Startup Online Policies

  • Crafting essential online policies such as terms of service and privacy policies, Legal Owls ensures your startup's online operations are protected and compliant.

Business Operations

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Startup Intellectual Property Counseling

  • Navigate the complexities of intellectual property rights with our expert counseling, ensuring your innovations and creations are adequately protected.


Startup Copyrights

  • Secure copyright protection for your startup's original works, from software to content, with Legal Owls' guidance.


Startup Trade Secrets

  • Implement effective strategies to protect your startup's confidential business information, maintaining your competitive edge.


Startup Trademarks

  • Legal Owls assists in registering trademarks to protect your brand identity and prevent others from misusing it.


Startup International Applications & Protections

  • We help with filing for intellectual property protection internationally, and securing your startup's market position globally.

Intellectual Property

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Startup Employment Compliances

  • Ensure your startup complies with all employment laws to avoid legal issues and promote a fair workplace.


Startup HR Policies

  • Legal Owls helps develop comprehensive human resources policies that reflect your startup's values and comply with regulatory requirements.


Startup Employment Contracts

  • We draft clear and fair employment contracts that outline roles, responsibilities, and benefits clearly.


Startup Contractor Engagements

  • Manage contractor relationships effectively with clear contracts that define expectations and terms, ensuring mutual understanding.


Startup Worker Classification

  • Correctly classify your workforce to comply with labor laws and avoid penalties.

Employees & Employment

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Registration of Foreign Offices

  • Legal Owls guides the establishment of your startup's presence abroad with strategic registration advice.


Establishment of Subsidiaries

  • Support the creation of subsidiaries to expand your startup's footprint while managing legal risks effectively.


Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions with strategic legal advice and thorough due diligence from Legal Owls.


Startup Acquiring Investments

  • Attract and secure investments with expertly crafted investment agreements and strategic legal advice.


Startup Investment Agreements

  • Draft and negotiate investment agreements that protect your interests and facilitate growth.


Startup Investment Counseling

  • Receive strategic advice on managing investments to ensure they align with your startup's objectives.


Due Diligence

  • Conduct thorough due diligence to mitigate risks associated with business transactions and investments, ensuring a secure path forward for your startup


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