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Cortnie and Legal Owls for You!

Legal Owls wants to position you ahead of the game in new, upcoming fields of law. Cortnie Abercrombie's expertise regarding responsible AI will help you understand how AI works and the various issues involved with AI. If your client is a start-up or and established business, she will help you understand how the various industries are affected, and help develop best practices for responsible AI. If your client is a victim of reckless usage or development of AI, Cortnie can help you with your analysis, prepping for a strong case for your client.


Cortnie's 12 Tenent's of Trust, will help develop a map for your clients, to develop responsible AI.  


Cortnie Abercrombie will keep you updated in the rapid expanding field of responsible AI, positioning you, as a lawyer, to best guide your clients, start-ups and businesses, according the latest laws and regulations.   

Offer your clients a new and rapidly growing legal service! Contact Legal Owls today to get started!

Responsible AI

Compliances and Policies

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Read Cortnie's Book to find out how you and your clients are affected! 

AI - It's Everywhere! 

Cortnie Abercrombie

CEO & Founder of AI Truth

As a recognized AI and data analytics expert, Cortnie Abercrombie was asked to be a Founding Editorial Board Member for Springer Nature’s AI and Ethics journal. She was named one of "Top 25 Women of AI in Healthcare and Pharma in 2022", one of “12 Brilliant Women in Artificial Intelligence & Ethics to Watch,” one of the “Top 100 Innovators in Data and Analytics,” and one of “10 Big Data Experts to Know.” She’s a top advisor to Fortune 500 companies on responsible artificial intelligence strategy and data innovation practices. She is on several boards advising startups, universities, and other non-profits. She is also the CEO and founder of AI Truth, a non-profit organization dedicated to responsible creation and use of AI. Cortnie acquired her deep knowledge of AI when she led a Shark Tank-style AI solutions incubator as an executive at IBM. 

She has co-authored over 20 research reports on data and AI and has delivered keynotes to audiences of up to 100,000. Her work has been covered by more than 20 online media outlets, including Forbes and Inc Magazine.

Our Responsible AI  Expert is Ready to Provide You with Valuable Guidance To Help Your Clients !

1.  Consultations in

  • Child protection

  • Privacy/security

  • Terms of use of AI products 

  • Facial Recognition and biometrics

  • Bias in Hiring, employment and lending. 

2.  External Advisory Board:   Set-Up And Vetting
3. AI Vendor Vetting
4. Trusted Ai As A Service
5. Ai Risk Assessment :  When Offering AI As A Product

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