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Rachel and Legal Owls for You!

Legal Owls and Rachel Steininger want to help you grow a law firm that works for you, not the other way around. 

Too often, owners end up building their law firm but not managing it well enough to give them the freedom and financial profits that they’d like. 

You could help more people and earn more money without working more hours (ideally working less!) but it can be confusing to know where to start or what to do next.

And your time is limited.  There’s this ongoing cycle of caseloads and consults that take up the bulk of your day as the owner of a growing law firm. 

Even if you’ve tried to implement the changes that could transform your business, without some help and guidance either the business stagnates or you get stuck.

Introducing the Upward Acceleration Academy

Founded by Rachel Steininger, the Upward Acceleration Academy helps small and solo law firms scale with differentiated services and a high trust, high talent team.

The mission, subject matter, and support structure of the Academy helps put your business in the best position to scale successfully and sustainably and allows owners like you to grow their profit and freedom without going crazy or capping out.

The Academy helps you:

  • Experience Your Vision - Realize your vision of the income, freedom and flexibility you want, coinciding with the clients and reputation you need.

  • Scale To The Next Level – Follow a concrete action plan that fits into your schedule to get you to your specific goals and vision.

  • Tap Into Talent - Attract a high trust/high talent team so you can focus on higher value activities and grow your business in a smart way.

  • Systemize Success - Build systems and processes, optimized to reach your goals, that get used and followed by your team members.

  • Get Growth… Faster - Gain tools and confidence for hiring staff and create infrastructure so you can mobilize growth with confidence.

  • Connect & Create - Tap into the collective knowledge of coaching and a supportive community to create a life and business you love.

Connect with us.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your start a new field of service for your clients, contact us via phone or WhatsApp at (510) 899-2789 or email at / Subject: AI Truth.

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Upward Acceleration

Build Your Law Firm For Freedom,

Flexibility & Financial Opportunity

Find out more about Rachel  and Upward Acceleration 

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Rachel Steininger

Upward Acceleration

Rachel’s clients get to build trusted relationships, create accountability systems without the micromanagement, and optimize their business processes for profitable long-term growth.


After nearly two decades as a corporate intrapreneur working with multi-billion dollar investors, Rachel launched her own business to help the owners of small and solo law firms differentiate, systemize and scale their results and freedom.


She’s competitive about board games, willing to stay up late for conversations with her teenage son (even when exhausted and ready for bed), and she loves helping business owners make space for their personal priorities while their great ideas and desired freedom become reality.

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