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Legal Owls began with a mission: to bring low-cost legal support to those that need it most – solo practitioners, fresh graduates, working parents, and new startups.  In association with the international boutique firm Kashyap, Partners and Associates LLP and Kashyap Partners USA,  Legal Owls aims to serve the underserved through a variety of support services – including contract drafting & review, contract management legal research, drafting, document production, and legal compliances. Our Team Experienced in Laws of UK, China, India, Russia & EU, to help you and your clients. 

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Story

Our team of attorneys started their practice in 2015 with a cross-border boutique firm. Along the way, they had to learn how to cope with the myriad of skills, tasks and legal responsibilities that come with running a legal practice. Having navigated the choppy waters that greet new lawyers, our team realized why so many lawyers find it difficult to start or maintain their careers.

Wanting to ensure no other attorneys face the same difficulties, we started Legal Owls to offer support to those lawyers that need it most. Whether you’re just starting out in your practice, balancing your career with personal obligations, or running your practice alone, Legal Owls has the skills and the will to help.


Meet The Team

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