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Struggling Under the Weight of Work? Running Out of Time? Looking for Reliable and Experienced Support? Need Help To Do Your Work Your Way?  

We Can Help You

Providing Everything You Need

We Use The T-H System and incorporate it in the A.C.E. Plan...

See How It Works For You...

T-H System

Our T-H System


Exposure in New Legal Fields!

Mentoring from Experienced Attorneys in their Own Field!

Keep Up With the Latest In Your Field!


Hire An Attorney With More Knowledge and Expertise to Offer More to Your Clients - Increase Your Service Offerings!

Manage More Work, with Competence and Confidence

Our Attorneys Are Ready To Help You 


The A.C.E. Plan!


Our experienced team Assists you – increasing your efficiency so you can focus on expanding your business and build a more successful practice!


We don’t just provide solutions – our team Coaches you on implementing our work product with any necessary legal knowledge or training – making sure you’re ready for your clients!


Want to start a new legal department or add specialities to your practice? We help you Expand with training and support – helping you onboard new clients to expand your practice’s reach!



Are you looking to outsource your workload to experienced and reliable attorneys?

Are you having a problem finding the right freelance attorney?


Legal Owls


by Providing You Ways To Hire-Up

Our Experienced Team Increases your Efficiency, Decreases work backlog, Increases Profits !!!

Just Imagine... Experienced Professionals Ready To Help You... at Your Fingertips!

Legal Owls provides you with client ready work product , freeing up your time for other responsibilities


  1. Professional Work Product: Client Ready Work-Product By Trained and Experienced Professionals

  2. Increase Your Profit-Potential: We provide you with client-ready work at a percentage of what you charge your client.

  3. Options Training in Work Product: We have sessions with you to help you understand the work, our process, research and the reasons we have gone through a specific process. This makes you client-ready with the work product. ​



Are you looking to increase your offerings but you don’t have time to learn more?

Do you want to gain experience in different legal fields but are finding it difficult to take out the time?

Are you an employment lawyer who wants a medical law practice?

An IP lawyer who wants to move into privacy law?

                               Train-Up With Legal Owls

Legal Owls’ team of attorney and legal professional have you understand new and different kinds of services to allow you to increase your offerings. We do all of this, while doing your work with you!


We offer you coaching and training in three prongs:

  1. Coaching of Work-Product - We guide you on the implementation of work product, sharing any necessary legal knowledge and procedures.

  2. Coaching you in new legal fields and services: We help you learn and gain experience in different field of law while handing your client work, allowing you to train yourself up while maintaining and increasing your profit margin.

  3. Lesson Plans: We provide courses, webinars and workshops on demand to help you learn at your own pace.



  1. Increase you knowledge while maintaining your income

  2. Learn to the work instead of learning on the job We teach you about the legal field while doing the client work.

  3. Guidance and Support: We teach you, help you learn and hold your hand through the entire process. This allows you to recruit clients, deliver work product and learn the practice– all at the same time, with guidance and support.



Are you looking to expand your practice but struggling with man power and training in new legal fields?

Are you finding it difficult to hire attorneys and a legal support team?

                       Train-Up & Hire-Up With Legal Owls

New Legal Department To Hire: We offer you a tailored and experienced legal department ready to train & support you. The legal department would do all the work once you have onboarded the client.



  1. Expand Your Practice: Once you have the client, we assist you with the rest!  A new addition to your practice!

  2. Cost Effective: You add more services through your new department with the hassle and cost of hiring new associates. 

  3. Profit Increase and Quality Assurance: We help you expand your practice, deliver your client work-product, assist you in client communication – increasing your profit potential while maintaining quality of the work product given.

ACE Plan
Types of Services


We offer many type of services. Below we introduce you to just a few.


The field of law is vast – combining a myriad of skills and knowledge needed to serve a wide variety of needs for clients of all shapes and sizes. Having these skills and knowledge on hand is not possible for any lone lawyer – leading to missed opportunities and unserved clients. That is where Legal Owls enters the picture. Whether you need the quick production of work product, exposure and training in new legal fields or just to sharpen your skills and reach, let our team help you expand your business and reach your true potential. Our lawyers are qualified, licensed and trained extensively in American law and have decades of collective experience to bring to bear.

Online Teaching
S - Coaching
Signing a Contract

Contract Drafting, Review & Contract Management

Contracts form the backbone of any business. Every transaction – from ordering office supplies to engaging employees to hiring long term suppliers – must be backed up by a contract. This means that any operating business can quickly become swamped in contractual obligations and opportunities that must be carefully drafted, reviewed and managed. Whether you need your contracts reviewed, managed, or drafted anew, Legal Owls is here to help and provide any needed coaching. Our team of US trained and licensed attorneys have decades of collective experience in contractual and transactional law – experience they bring to bear for all your contractual needs.


Legal Research & Drafting

One of the most time-consuming tasks in the practice of law is looking up the state of the law. The complicated overlay of case-law can subtly shift the law over time or provide highly specific exceptions or applications of law. Whether you’re looking for broad-based surveys of existing law or the answer to a highly specific set of queries, Legal Owls stands ready to serve your needs and provide any needed coaching. Our lawyers are qualified, licensed and trained extensively in American law and have decades of collective experience in legal research and drafting documentation and reports.

Studying in a library
Files and Packages

Due Dilligence

Transactions are the lifeblood of any company. Whether a long-term investment or a small-scale purchase, businesses are involved in hundreds of transactions every year. However, entering such transactions without care can be fatal for your clients. Proper due diligence can help save them from risky or dangerous transactions but is a labor-intensive process requiring training and experience. Legal Owls can help lighten your due diligence load and help coach you on implementing our due diligence solutions. Our team of US trained and licensed attorneys have decades of collective experience in due diligence and transactional law – experience they bring to bear for all your due diligence needs.

S-Research & Drafting
S-Due Diligence

Litigation Support

The traditional method for resolving disputes is litigation. However, trial law is a complex and multi-faceted area of law that requires dozens of filings per case in a specific format, order, and with specific requirements for timing. Keeping track of and preparing all these filings can drain your time and energy – leaving you with less time to focus on your clients and your practice. Legal Owls is here to help. Our team of US trained and licensed attorneys have decades of collective experience across jurisdictions and fields of law – experience they bring to bear for all your litigation support needs.

In court
Litigation Support
Smiling Colleague

Mentorship Programs

Getting started or expanding in the detail-oriented and complex world of law can be daunting. There are so many obligations, formalities, and time-consuming compliances to meet that it can be hard to build your career safely, ethically and legally. Legals Owls can help with our training and mentorship programs. With decades of collective legal experience, the attorneys at Legal Owls have the know-how, experience and expertise needed to make sure your practice is on the strongest footing possible.


Legal Document Production

Any dispute – formal or informal – involves the collection of documentation and evidence related to dispute. However, this often involves documents outside your control – which must be demanded, examined for completeness, sorted, and analyzed for relevant information.  Whether engaged in litigation, alternative dispute resolution actions, or preforming auditing exercises, Legal Owls is here for you – whether you need work product, coaching, or both. Our lawyers are qualified, licensed and trained extensively in American law and have decades of collective experience in both formal and informal documentation production processes.

Home Desk
S-Document Production
Vertical File Cabinet

Legal Compliance

Running a business in any industry is a challenging endeavor – not helped by the complex network of regulations that will affect your legal responsibilities and change based on factors such as your location, industry, size, and more. Whether you have a small venture or a large industry, Legal Owls is ready to help and provide any needed coaching. Our lawyers are qualified, licensed and trained extensively in American law and have decades of collective experience in helping businesses of all sizes evaluate and maintain compliance with applicable regulations.


Up-Coming Fields of Law

The law is constantly evolving to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. This leads to the growth of new spheres law such as artificial intelligence, data privacy, and more. In order to keep your practice ready for the changing needs of your clientele, it is important to integrate these areas into your practice. Legal Owls is here to help. Whether you need these services handled or want to learn how to handle them on your own, our team of US trained and licensed attorneys will make sure your and your clients’ needs are met.

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S-Fields of Law
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