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Welcome to Legal Owls Institute

Welcome to Legal Owls Institute, your partner in legal entrepreneurship. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who are committed to helping you start and maintain a successful law practice. We offer a variety of services to help you get off the ground, including legal work support, training on the basics of setting up a new legal practice, and more. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

  • Join a diverse group of legal professionals developing your skills

  • Increasing your international exposure

  • Gaining experience in the US Legal System!

  • Continuous Training & Support in Positive Work Environment


Job advancement

Education Certification Programs



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Legal Business Set-Up for New Solo Attorneys 

Legal Owls Legal Entrepreneurship Program is dedicated to helping solo lawyers achieve their dreams of running their own legal business. Our six-week training course is designed to provide the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to start and grow a new law practice. Our curriculum covers all the essential aspects of entrepreneurship, including branding, marketing, financial management, and more. With Legal Owls Legal Entrepreneurship Program by your side, you will have the tools and resources you need to take your legal career to the next level.

Legal Entrepreneur


US Legal Practice Set-Up for US LLM GRADUATES 

The Legal Entrepreneur LLM Program is the perfect choice for US LLM graduates looking to establish their own legal practice. Our program provides comprehensive support and guidance to ensure your success. We provide a supportive community, foundational knowledge in business basics, branding, marketing, administrative work, client management, and all the tools you need to succeed. Our mission is to help you build a successful legal practice and achieve your dreams. Start your journey today with the Legal Entrepreneur LLM Program.

Legal Entrepreneur US-LLM


Legal Owls is always looking to train, educate and inspire the next generation of legal minds. We offer a range of outreach programs to current and prospective Law Students,  prospective LLM Students and Lawyers who are aspiring to take the California or New York Bar exam - including seminars, certificate courses, internships, webinars, training programs, and symposiums. Reach out our team and find out how we can help you or your students sharpen their skills or expand their vision for the future - the Legal Owls way!

College Seminars


US Legal - 6 Months

Our US Externship Program is the perfect opportunity for solo lawyers looking to gain valuable experience and training in a specific area of law. Our program provides six months of US paralegal work, including research and drafting, and intensive training in a special field of law. With supervision from US Bar members who are practicing attorneys, you'll gain first-hand knowledge and develop the skills necessary to succeed in your legal practice. Contact us today to learn more about our program.

•US Paralegal Education

•Training-Up in special field of law

•US Bar Members are direct supervising attorneys


PHASE 1: 0-6 months

The first six months of Legal Owls’ 18-month Fellowship Program is a comprehensive and intensive phase that covers the fundamentals of a solo lawyer’s practice. Fellows will be able to hone their skills while working on a variety of US Paralegal tasks and receive training in a specialized field of law. They will also gain valuable insights by working directly alongside supervising attorneys who are members of the US Bar. At Legal Owls, we believe that this phase is integral to the long-term success of our Fellows.

•Paralegal work (ie research, drafting, etc.)

•Training-Up in special field of law

•Legal Owls attorneys  would be their supervising attorneys


PHASE 2: 6-12 Months

As a solo lawyer, it can be challenging to navigate the legal landscape alone. That's why Legal Owls has developed a unique 18 Months Fellowship Program to help you elevate your practice and grow your legal skills. During Phase 2 of the program, we offer two different pathways depending on your qualifications and expertise. Pathway A provides a structured environment for non-US Bar members to gain client experience and receive training in specific legal fields. Meanwhile, Pathway B offers US Bar members opportunities to work directly with clients and become supervising attorneys, helping you take the next steps in your legal career.

Not Member of a US state Bar

•Work with clients in conjunction with supervising attorneys

•Training  on specific legal fields of the Coaching Programs with attorneys

Member of a US state Bar

•Training to work with clients directly

• Become Supervising Attorneys 


PHASE 3: 12-18 months

Legal Owls 18 Month Fellowship Program is dedicated to supporting solo lawyers through various phases of their career, including Phase 3 which spans between 12-18 months. During this phase, the program offers two pathways for fellows: Pathway A for non-US bar members, which includes working with clients under supervising attorneys and attending training programs with attorneys, and Pathway B for US bar members, which involves working directly with clients, becoming supervising attorneys, coaching Phase 1 attorneys, and gaining permanent employment opportunities.


Not Member of the US state Bar

•Work with clients in conjunction with supervising attorneys

•Work on Training and Coaching Programs with attorneys

Member of a US state Bar

•Work with clients directly

• Become Supervising Attorneys and coach phase 1 attorneys

•Explore employment opportunities with the clients they work with.

•Possible permanent employment with client firm or with Legal Owls!

US Externship
18 Month Fellowship Program
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