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Frequently  Asked  Questions

We Can Help You!

  • How Is Legal Owls Different from outsourcing to a LPO?
    Legal Owls is a US incorporated company, run by lawyers who are experienced members of the US Bar, and they follow ABA guidelines, ensuring a high standard of legal expertise across various fields. US Lawyers working with you.
  • I am a Solo Practitioner, How Can Legal Owls Help Me?
    Legal Owls becomes your personal law firm, offering customized support, to help catch up with client work, expand your practice and increase in financial growth.
  • With What Type of Work Can Legal Owls Help Me?
    Legal Owls helps in Contract Drafting, Review and Management, Legal Research, Legal Document Production, Legal Compliances, Litigation Support, Due Diligence, New Fields of Law, Coaching and Mentorship Programs.
  • Can Legal Owls assist with setting up a new solo practice?
    Yes, Legal Owls offers mentorship and guidance to help solo practitioners establish and navigate their new practices effectively. We help guiding you from selecting the right structure, marketing plan, to introduce automation and support services.
  • What Are Some of the Legal Areas Legal Owls Can Assist?
    Transactional & Start Up Law, Immigration, IP, Tech Law, Entertainment, Media & Fashion Law, Privacy Laws, AI Ethical Compliances, Employment Law, Corporate Governance, , Medical Insurance and HIPPA, Cross Border Legal Support, various Litigation support, and more!
  • How can I get started with Legal Owls for personalized legal assistance?
    Simply contact us through our website, and our team will guide you through the onboarding process to tailor our services to your specific needs. Our support team is available and ready to assist to you! Simply fill in the contact sheet, and you are on the path to growth!
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